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Ergonomics definition

Issuing time:2019-03-28 16:19


Ergonomics is a factor in the study of human anatomy, physiology and psychology in a certain working environment. It studies the interaction between human and machine and the environment, and studies on how to consider the problems of work efficiency, human health, safety and comfort during work, life and vacation.


Standard - seat high standard

Seat height standard: to avoid excessive pressure on the thigh, the height of the front seat to the ground or foot should not be greater than the distance from the foot to the thigh bend. According to the study, the suitable seat height should be equal to the heel of the leg plus the heel of 25-35mm and the rest of the 10-20mm, that is, the seat height = the leg plus the high and the heel thick - the proper space.

The national standard stipulates that the chair height is: the seat height is =400~440mm, the seat height 400~440mm is only applicable to the adult standard. Therefore, the Institute of Ergonomics application is the research object of the height / height of 4~17 years old children in China. After a large number of data research, investigation and comparison, it is concluded that the most suitable for China's children's seat is in the 270~520mm. To meet the needs of 4~17 years old children. )


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