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How to choose the right office chair?

Issuing time:2019-03-28 16:04


Chassis and chair foot

Chassis should have enough bearing capacity, with flexible and balanced chair feet. According to research, four-claw chair foot is easy to cause imbalance, while six-claw chair foot has more contact points with the ground, because too many chair foot is easy to trip users. A good seat should be a five-claw chair foot, which is the most stable and balanced design.


The comfort of the cushion

The chair cushion is best formed in one, the better quality seat cushion, there will be a certain degree of weight tolerance, if the seat cushion can be adjusted according to the needs of its own weight, it will reduce the tired feeling of the sedentary. Moreover, the curved chair seats are excellent, because the surface can increase the contact area between the bottom surface of the thigh and the seat of the buttocks, so that the pressure is dispersed evenly.


The angle of the back of the chair

The weight of chairs varies from person to person, and the chair tilt is different. And the tilt of the ordinary chair is fixed, leading to the light weight of the people can not go down, the body heavy people on the bottom, not only without a sense of trust and easy to sit down. A good chair should be of any size and posture. When it is tilted down, the back of the chair can be completely wrapped around the back. The maximum inclination angle of the chair is 135 degrees, which is the comfortable angle of the big data analysis.

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